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>>> breaking news from potomac, maryland. a faulty 96-inch water main at tuckerman lane and gainsboro road has forced wssc to impose mandatory water reductions -- restrictions. bruce leshan is in potomac with more information. what can you tell us? >> big hassle for the 1.8 million people who are served by the wssc, but the wssc is calling this is a huge success for new technology that they have been installing in the water pipes in the big water lines that run all over the two counties, montgomery and prince georges. you can see the folks behind us. those folks are checking now, just to try to figure out if they have the exact right location pin pointed. but what they heard last night was from this acoustic -- acoustic wire that is running through the pipes is seven pings, pop, pop, pop. and those pings are indications that the wire inside of the pipe, the concrete pipe through which the water travels, that the wires had broken. and once you start having that going on, there's a fear that the tube could actually break and then you could have a big problem like we had on
in to northern maryland, northern virginia and west virginia. i want to switch it over to live doppler 9000 hd. you see the action moving east. a couple of shores in eastern delaware. in frederick county, this is the worst of the weather we are looking at. a few storms are popping near winchester and we will look at those in a moment but the storms in frederick have potentially a little wind here, especially west side over to middletown. we are talking south the heaviest areas are south of 70 here. here's middletown heading tour ban that. they are moving at 30 miles an hour. so don't be surprised if you have lightning and gusting winds. we have seeing heavy thunderstorms starting to develop. they extend westminster, eastbound right down 140 and one more stop if i can before we throw it back to jc, over to areas around winchester because those storms are starting to fire here quickly as they are coming out this the mountains in to the heat and humidity. temperatures in the low 90s. it's very kick i can and the action to the east southeast. this will be here in the washington metro in another ho
in forestville, maryland. maryland state police say the 27-year-old man was working on a paving operation on pennsylvania avenue near the beltway. according to police, the victim was crushed between two dump trucks. officers closed one northbound lane of pennsylvania avenue in order to investigate the accident and then police reopened that lane in time for the morning commute. a pleasant surprise in virginia. the state budget now has a surplus of at least $200 million. lawmakers site a jump in tax revenue, and this means a 3% december bonus for state employees. $18 million will go to local school districts, and money will go to the water quality improvement fund. governor bob mcdonald says the commonwealth is not out of the woods just yet. >> while these numbers are a positive sign for our citizens in virginia, there is much hard work to be done, and it is no time to let up on conservative budgeting, and certainly no time to let up on the fiscal discipline that we have tried to bring to state spending. >> democrats in richmond say the surplus is no surprise. they had a that governor mcdon
to fix a massive water main in potomac, maryland that is on the brink of failing. our kristin fisher has more on the latest repair efforts. >> reporter: these crews have been working around the clock, and they have made a ton of progress, but there's much more work to be done. wssc is estimating it at least will be monday before the pipe is back up and running and these mandatory water restrictions are lifted. after 24 hours of drilling and digging, wssc crews uncovered the 16-foot long section of pipe that needs to be replaced. they have also exposed a fiber optic wire that first alerted authorities that this part of the pipe was failing. >> i understand the technology really saved us. >> reporter: brian stanley lives across the street from the faulty pipe. he's the first to admit the construction and mandatory water restrictions are inconvenient but also the first to point out this could have been a repeat of the massive river road water main break two years ago. >> it could have been very bad. so it was a big sigh of relief to actually see the trucks and not see water. so, you know, h
were hard at work this morning in frederick county, maryland. they responded to a call flames at bowers lumber and components just before 6:00 a.m. the lumberyard is located on main street in woodsboro, maryland. it is unclear what sparked the blaze. >>> david cameron is making his first visit to washington since assuming office. questions about the b.p. oil spill and reports the company pressured british petroleum officials to release the lockerbie suspect are expected to overshadow his trip. joel brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: british prime minister cam reason arrived in washington ready for tough discussions. president obama and vice president biden want to talk him to him about the circumstances surrounding the release of this man. , the only person convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. some reports say that b.p. played a role in winning his freedom. before leaving england, the prime minister told the bbc if he had been in charge last august, he would still be in jail. >> all i know as leader of the opposition i couldn't have been more cl
banks in damascus, maryland this morning. the first robbery happened at a pnc bank along middle brook road. the sec ronry occurred only minutes later at a pnc on ridge road. right now there's no word on the suspect's condition. we're following the story, and we will bring you more information when it becomes available. of course you can always go to our website to get up-to-date information. >>> mandatory water restrictions have been lifted for wssc customers in prince georges and montgomery counties. our 9 news reporter kristin fisher has the latest information on the water main in potomac, maryland that caused all of these complications over the 4th of july weekend. >> after six days of these mandatory water restrictions, this massive water main is now back in service and those restrictions have now been lifted for nearly 2 million people in prince georges and montgomery counties. remember the massive water main burst on river road nearly two years ago, wssc says that could have happened here were it not for a high-tech early warning system. the alarm sounded this pipe was failing.
today. let's take a live look at route 50 at the bay bridge in maryland. cars on the left are coming back from the eastern shore. and now we will take a look at 95 in virginia. just north of the potomac mills mall. a mix of shoppers and people coming back from vacation. >>> nearly 2 million people in prince georges and montgomery counties are still under mandatory water restrictions. crews are working to repair that failing water main in potomac. kristin fisher tells us when the repairs will complete and when the water restrictions may be lifted. >> reporter: this is a piece of pipe that was causing all of these problems. over the weekend, crews removed it an replaced it with a new piece of pipe and now the hope is that all of the repairs will be complete by the end of today. after four days of around the clock repairs, wssc is now hours away from fixing the failing water main. all that's left is for crews to complete a water quality test. even when the pipe is up and running the water restrictions could stay in effect for the nearly 2 million wssc customers in prince georges and mon
's take a look at damage on the roof of the apartments located in silver spring, maryland. and here's another look at damage, expensive roof damage at an apartment building in the seven springs complex located in college park. kristin fisher has more on what is happening this afternoon from potomac, maryland. kristin, what can you tell us? >> jc, the vast majority of pepco's power outages are here in montgomery county and it has been causing major problems for drivers all morning long. this is the intersection of river road and falls road in potomac, and you can see the traffic lights are still out, and it's like that at 270 intersections across montgomery county. montgomery county residents are also under mandatory water restrictions and you are looking at the reason why. a massive tree took out power to the potomac filtration plant wiping out montgomery county's clean water supply. this was clearly a priority job for pepco. power has been restored at this filtration plant. it is up and running and water restrictions remain in affect. pepco says another job is restoring power to mo
suicide vest near a nightclub in uganda's capital. the news comes as we learn the identity of the maryland teen injured in one of those deadly double-bombings in uganda. 16-year-old emily kersteda of maryland was injured. she right now is listed in stable condition and will undergo surgery later today. friends say that she was in uganda for a church mission trip. >> she was with her grandmother and they were having lunch at the ethiopian restaurant when the blast happened. >> 24-year-old nate tan of delaware is not fortunate. he was one of the people killed. at least four people are arrested. a somali group with ties to al-qaeda is suspected. >>> several escalators remain out of service at the metro station. crews are working to fix that problem but they allowed computers to walk up the escalators during this morning's rush hour. smoke filled the station during rush hour yesterday and several escalators up to the street were broken all day. >>> police used a taser to end a five-hour-long stand-off that ended in temple hills, maryland. a 48-year-old suspect is in custody. it started after 1
that happened last month. >>> there's a new poll out on the governor's race in maryland. it says the race is very tight. here's the numbers from gonzalez research -- >>> police are investigating a disturbing hate crime that happened in our area. vandals targeted a synagogue and two local homes with anti- semitic graffiti. vandals targeted the synagogue in olney and two nearby homes last night. an army of 200 volunteers had already scrubbed the swastikas and other graffiti off the walls, but the bad feelings remain. when i got here it was horrible. >> they have installed a security camera on the building and neighbors say other synagogues have reached out and offered support. police will looking for suspects. >>> the northern virginia man accused of trying to join a somali terror group remains in jail this afternoon a federal judge rejected bond yesterday for zachary chesser. prosecutors say that he offered to work for the fbi if he would be allowed to go to africa. 20-year-old chesser is a graduate of oakton high school in virginia. >>> it is the end of an era for legendary pizza place. t
as maryland more considers whether or not to double oyster sanctuaries to about 9,000- acres of bay bottom or 25% of what's left of the habitat here. the comment period on the idea of expanding oyster sanctuaries is underway right now and maryland's department of natural resources is due to make the decision by september 6th. on the receive earn river, scott broom, 9 news now. >>> oysters aren't just for eating. in large numbers they actually make the water cleaner by filtering out the algae that makes the bay so murky. i heard from one of our viewers, when we had the octopus salad and she said we should be helping the waters by not taking octopus out. >> i don't know where it came from. i can't comment. >> she educated me on that. so i thank her. >> i can comment about the threat of heat which is very high if you are not smart. if you are in your house, fill a bathtub with cold water. if you need a way to cool down if you don't have ac or is it not working a cold bath or shower will help. keep it you cool for a while. that's one cheaper way to keep cool and you need it. look at the foreca
of potomac maryland is behind bars charged with the murder. he was her estranged boyfriend. >>> two accused russian spies are due in a new york courtroom today to be arraigned on charges of conspiring to act as secret agents. randall pinkston reports that some of them may, in fact, be going home in one of the biggest spy swaps in history. >> reporter: reporters are gathering outside of the federal courthouse in lower manhattan where ten accused russian spies are due in court this afternoon. security is also tight half a world away at a prison in moscow. both locations are buzzing about what could be the largest spy swap since the cold war. it could happen before the day is over. first word that spooks could be swapped came from this imprisoned russian scientist accused of passing secrets to the cia. his brother held a news conference confirming that he was moved from a remote prison to this one in moscow. he claims he is among a group of prisoners who will be traded. the russian news agency reports he is already left the country. an arraignment is scheduled here for the ten suspected spies
, it is wild. >> reporter: this person of interest is currently in custody in maryland where he is held on federal weapons charges. in prince georges county, chris fin fisher, 9 news now. >> police say that will not release this person of interest's name until he has been formally charged. that should take place time sometime next tuesday. >>> a judge who punished a cleaning woman who parked in his spot will be suspended. the court ordered him to take five days 0 off without pay. you will will be last august he deflated the tire of a cleaning woman who parked in his spot. he also left a nasty note. he pled guilty to charges of tampering with a vehicle. >>> governor o'malley and his challenger robert ehrlich were on the bay for the clam bake. it is a tradition to press the flesh and that's what the candidates were doing. >> coming here to the annual seafood festival is one of the rites of summer and it's great to be here with lieutenant governor and so many friends and we're excited about this campaign. >> our folks are really motivated. they know four years of o'malley. o'malley is not
that are under way to clean up in the district and in maryland. >> reporter: an suv crushed by a massive tree. it's quite a sight for 5-year- old max as he walks to school wednesday morning along willow road in tacoma park. >> we like our neighbors and we're sorry their car got all crushed up by a tree. we're glad nobody's hurt. >> reporter: this tree came crashing down around 8:00 last night. we're not talking about just a tree branch. if you take a look all the way up there, you can see the entire top of this tree just fell off barely missing all of those nearby power lines. >> it's amazing that we still have power and it didn't hit the power lines. it went the right direction. >> we're looking at a tree that was pruned in the old fashion way 20 years ago, and the wound caused by the pruning led to an area of rot in the tree. >> reporter: todd bolton is the arborist for the city of takoma park. >> all of this wood inside is now rotten. so the only part holding the tree was this little good section right there. >> it would have happened anyway. >> reporter: the storm was-- >> the storm was proba
to robbing and killing kang. his friends set up a memorial fund on-line. >>> in maryland a newborn is in the care of social services after being thrown from a second story window. according to police, the 11- year-old mother had just given birth before tossing the child out of her home. the baby was discovered by another female in the house who heard the baby screaming. despite the two-story drop, the baby girl is listed in good condition according to doctors. the state's attorney is now deciding whether the young mother should face charges. >>> he could go down as one of the most notorious criminals in washington history. a grand jury indicted 27-year- old jason scott yesterday for the double murder of a mother and daughter who lived noor him in largo. delors and ebony dewitt were killed last march. according to police scott is also the prime suspect in the murder of another mother daughter murder, karen and karissa lofton. >> he is a super felon that likes to do whatever he gets away with. it makes his heart sing and he will do anything until he is caught which luckily he has bee
time. >>> a frederick county, maryland family is battling cancer and they want other cancer patients to come forward. the family wants to know if fort detrick, just outside of the city of frederick, is causing cancer through environmental pollution. gary reports they have scheduled a town meeting this weekend in order to gather information. >> sit on this couch right here. >> reporter: debra cross is only 52. >> in january, i just started to feel bad with my back. >> reporter: after the tests. >> i saw my left kidney was totally, you know, one big tumor. and then they saw it had metastasized. >> reporter: she lived for ten years with her family near fort detrick's area b. a history of contamination, millions spent to clean it up. >> my daughter passed away two years ago from a brain tumor. >> reporter: and daughter angie is fighting a brain tumor. >> these things pop up within two years of each other. >> she contacted classmates from frederick high. >> a lot of my friends are being serious cancers. >> i was diagnosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma when i was 26 years old. >> reporter: th
of the showers real quick. a general eastward movement. if you are in st. mary's and southern maryland, you will get showers in calendar county, as well. go to the weather computer and show you the temperatures right now, from the upper 80s to the 90s. temperatures just outside of washington, very uniform. talk about the better chance of thunderstorms coming in the forecast. >> thank you, devon. >>> people were lucky to walk away from a car crash in northwest washington today. two vehicles collided on 9th street between p an u streets. one of them overturned and ended up on its side. take a look. officials say the accident happened 7:30 this morning. fire fire and ems evaluated several patients at the accident scene. >>> a prince william county woman is under arrest charged with killing her father. she is being held without bond. an autopsy determined 82-year- old marvin wilson had a high level of certalyne in his system. it is a generic form of an antianxiety drug. >>> now for the latest on the oil spill in the gulf. b.p. has been given another 24 hours to keep the containment cap on the r
a trench when he fell into a large hole on maryland avenue on capitol hill. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to free the worker. he was rushed to a nearby hospital with serious but non- life-threatening injuries. >>> the washing ton redskins has reached an agreement. the deal, which has nearly $3 million -- $37 million has a guaranteed holdout after will ma'ams messed the first day of training camp. >>> albert haynesworth has failed his conditioning test, this for a second consecutive day. he was forced to sit out training camp in ashburn. when help finally returned to redskins park yesterday, haynesworth was told he would have to pass a conditioning theft before being allowed -- test before being allowed to practice. >>> part two of metro's fare fare hike also take effect starting sunday. those using the metro rail will pay an extra 5 cents per trip. the price of an -- another will be cut in half. a morning rush our surcharge will be added in late august. >>> local members of congress will meet with the national transportation safety board, and they will go over this week's findings
shows the brandywine, maryland resident being stooped on the beltway last september. west had two loaded handguns, a loaded shotgun and a large knife in his possession. >> i'm happy they are behind me. i want to thank my family, friends and fans my teammates and the city of cleveland. >> reporter: west was sentenced to electronic monitoring, probation and community service. his attorney says that west was transporting the guns because hi mother wanted them out of her house. >>> devon is here with the weekend forecast. >>> very hot and humid today. in fact a heat advisory in affect until 9:00. i will the high heat this weekend and storm chances to talk about in the complete forecast when the news at noon makes a return. >>> montgomery put out the information early on that yes there was a earthquake in the county. the confirmation of it and there was no damage, that there was nothing significant and it was an event that occurred. >> that's assistant montgomery county fire chief scott graham. he is talking about this morning's earthquake. a gas line break in gaithersburg may be related to t
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